Van Dorn Demag Siemens Pathfinder OP398 and OP400 controller repairs here at Capetronics Inc displays.
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 Last Updated: Thursday May 05, 2016


Siemens Pathfinder


Van Dorn Siemens Pathfinder OP398 and OP400   Display replacement.

Graphics capture using the new C512.256 display with mods.

We have helped many plastic injection molders and other repair facilities from around the world but many in the USA, Europe and South America.  We understand that parts become obsolete and simply cannot be supported after a decade. If you purchased a used machine for $6000.00 and have a bad display you don't want to upgrade the entire controller at the cost of $8000-$12000 simply because the display is obsolete. We at Capetronics we have a solution to a display failure. We have brand new factory warranty displays that we retro fit here in the USA. Siemens Pathfinder OP398 and Siemens Pathfinder OP400 controllers are expensive to upgrade, so before you do that contact  Capetronics and we will have you up and running in no time. Display replacement program with a 1 year warranty.

Van Dorn OP398K or 398. Being tested after a new display was installed.

EL Displays for Van Dorn Siemens Pathfinder OP 398 and Van Dorn Siemens Pathfinder OP 400 Operator display console. Form, fit and function are exact when you use Capetronics Inc.

Old technology a fire hazard. Van Dorn Siemens Pathfinder OP398 EL Display


Take a look at the damage on this obsolete EL display (MD512.256-37C) in the picture above? We have seen this on numerous occasions and I would consider something like this a fire hazard in my factory. These screens are over 10 years old and the protection circuits are not what they are today and we have never seen this kind of damage on a newer model display. In fact we have not had the opportunity of receiving a damaged display made in the last 4 years. Trying to repair something like this is not wise and should be replaced, not with another used display, but with a brand new EL display.

Not only do you get a brand new display installed you also get a 1 year warranty. This is still EL technology. The screen is bright, crisp and durable. At least now you don't have worry about the old screen damaging the power circuits of your Van Dorn Siemens Pathfinder OP 398 or worse the display driver on the main PCB. These can be costly repairs. 


We old and new in Van Dorn Siemens Pathfinder OP 398 operator stations

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