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 Last Updated: Thursday May 05, 2016






The Sharp LJ640U32's are reliable EL displays and still used in older equipment but are considered mature products and getting on in age. Over time there is something called burn-in and this can make it hard to view video data on older LJ640U32 electroluminescent displays. Tough when you have to change parameters on your machine. A lot of these displays also fail (no video data) and one option is to send it in to Capetronics for a repair. Another option is we do have a replacement electroluminescent display that is brand new that replaces the LJ640U32 displays. Contact us for more information.  

Graphics on the replacememnt C640U32 display. Crisp and Clear.


 The different cross part numbers are as follows.


  • Sharp LJ640U26 = Capetronics C 640U26

  • Sharp LJ640U27 = Capetronics C 640U27

  • Sharp LJ640U31 = Capetronics C 640U31

  • Sharp LJ640U32 = Capetronics C 640U32

  • Sharp LJ640U327 = Capetronics C 640U327

  • Sharp LJ640U34 = Capetronics C 640U34

  • Sharp LJ640U35 = Capetronics C 640U35 


Below is a new Version 2.0 of the Capetronics C640U32 and C640U34 setup for the Engel EC88 controller.


Picture above is a Capetronics C640U32 V2.0 setup for an injection molding machine with an Engel EC88 Controller.

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